Our Story

We, the founder of ATM, have been big fans of bubble tea since we were very young. No matter where we travel to, we always have to find bubble tea. Bubble tea shops can be found everywhere in Bangkok, Asia, and major cities in the world.

However, one of the things we have noticed is that most bubble tea in the market, including those from big multinational brands, is made with low quality and artificial ingredients. To keep the cost as low as possible, synthetic milk powder is widely used as a substitute for real milk. In addition, tea is hardly brewed fresh, it is often left to stale in buckets.

As a result, we have aimed to open a bubble tea shop that would serve the finest bubble tea made with the next-level quality ingredients. We spent months in our kitchen trying out many different tea, mixing tea with different kinds of milk and selecting delicious toppings that would surely made ATM Bubble Tea irresistible.

Every cup of ATM Bubble Tea
is always made with fresh
real milk and freshly brewed tea.

Once you taste ATM Bubble Tea,
you will know why it is the best Bubble Tea you will ever try!

Our Signature Drinks